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The What Works Network helps you make a habit out of working on your business.

The What Works Network

Our goal is a more effective, sustainable, and profitable business.

Once you're out of the startup phase, running a small business can often feel like you're just spinning your wheels. You're hard at work—day in and day out—and you're largely doing the same things, getting the same results.

You've got something that's working (to one degree or another) but your progress toward your next big goal or the next phase of your plan is slow going.

It's really tempting to think that the key to picking up the pace is a magic formula or a shiny object. But you know better.

You know the key to growing through this phase and into the next is consistent action and uncompromising commitment to making your business stronger every single day.

The What Works Network is a community of practice where experienced small business owners learn and grow so they can build more effective, sustainable, and profitable businesses one day at a time.

Make Working On Your Business A Habit

When you become a member of The What Works Network, you belong to a community of leaders who are making their own decisions and taking ownership of their own action with the support of thoughtful, trusted colleagues.

We don't work on our businesses in fits & starts. We have a consistent practice of reflection, analysis, and action-taking.

Each month, you'll examine a different aspect of your business. You'll commit to making it more efficient, better organized, or more effective. We'll work together to turn your commitment into action.

To kickstart the month, you'll commit to one project related to our focus area.

You'll define the scope and create a plan to complete it in the time you have available. Throughout the month, you'll update us on your progress, ask for support, and share your victories.

As we work together, we learn from each other.


What We'll Work On Together

These are just a few examples of what you can work on each month—choose one of these or come up with your own project.

We'll provide guidance on what to choose and how to structure it but it's up to you to choose what you'll work on and how you'll get it done.

August - Offer Development

  • Build a new offer. Craft a stronger value proposition. Level up your delivery. Create new automations. Conduct customer research.

September - Sales

  • Book 10 discovery sessions. Document your sales process. Design a campaign to sell your product or service. Write a new sales page.

October - Communication

  • Create a customer support hub. Launch a weekly newsletter. Hold 1:1s with your team members. Experiment with a new marketing system.

November - Skill-Building

  • Hone your craft. Swap skills with a colleague. Document your process. Learn a new piece of software.

December - Self-leadership

  • Build a new habit and let go of an hold habit. Identify and shift a behavioral pattern. Review & process the year. Create a personal accountability system.

January - Planning & Goal-Setting

  • Create your 2021 plan. Name your strategic priorities and identify the projects that support them. Adopt a new planning system. Conduct a pre-mortem for your goals or projects.

February - Customer & Client Support

  • Build a stronger on-boarding process. Craft a stronger off-boarding system. Train a team member to handle support requests. Automate manual support systems.

March - Identifying Opportunity

  • Survey past customers about what they need now. Analyze the market for coming trends. Conduct competitive research. Create a project plan for a new offer.

April - Streamlining Systems

  • Audit existing systems to find inefficiencies. Review software suite and eliminate unnecessary apps. Document new processes. Identify business model bloat and remove it.

May - Building Your Audience

  • Complete a visibility challenge. Try a new platform for building your audience. Create a new lead magnet. Create an advertising campaign.

June - Building Your Team

  • Create an organizational chart. Write a job description. Do a time audit. Complete performance reviews. Craft a hiring plan.

July - Creating Content

  • Plan a month of social media content. Launch a video series. Develop a podcast. Write case studies. Identify your target keywords.

Your membership includes:

✔️Monthly Kickstart Session, a live session with founder Tara McMullin where we preview the month's focus area and set our commitment to action

✔️Monthly Insider Hour, a live Q&A call with founder Tara McMullin so you can ask about moving forward on your commitment for the month or about anything that's on your business brain

✔️Monthly Hot Seat Coaching, a live business coaching session where we put 2 members in the hot seat for 30-minutes each to work through a challenge or opportunity related to the monthly focus area

✔️Monthly Flash Mastermind, live support roulette where you put yourself in the hot seat with 2 other business owners to get real-time feedback, support, or thought partnership

✔️Monthly Debrief, a live session where we debrief with members about the action they took and the progress they made

✔️Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on learning & connecting without the distractions of social media

✔️Global network of experienced small business owners from diverse backgrounds and industries so you can take more informed action

✔️Curated monthly focus areas so you can commit to action on building a stronger business one step at a time

✔️Quarterly Virtual Conference, a day-long deep dive into a key component of building a stronger business where you'll hear from members with the expertise and experience you need to act

✔️Weekly Monday Huddle, connect with other business owners to share what you're excited about, what action you're taking, and how others can support you

✔️Weekly Network Newsletter, ideas for action on the monthly focus area and a chance to quickly catch up on what you've missed

✔️Weekly Kickstart, an open thread to share your action steps for the week and connect with other members

✔️Weekly Check-In, an open thread to share your victories and celebrate with other members

Your last chance to lock-in these month-to-month membership rates!

We're making some changes and adding new member features in August. And with those changes comes a higher price and an annual commitment. But from now until July 1, you can lock in this low month-to-month rate and keep it as long as you're a member.

Your Investment 

Membership at The What Works Network is $49.99 per month (cancel anytime) or $499.99 per year.

For less than the price of a major business conference, an expensive online course, or a couple of hours of business coaching, you get access to a diverse, experienced, and knowledgeable group of small business owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Your membership fee also includes access to 4 virtual conferences, countless special learning events and networking opportunities, and a global community you can take wherever you go with our iOS and Android app.

Either plan gets you access to all of our member benefits. The annual plan will save you almost $100 per year and ensure you have people to turn to throughout all the seasons of your business.

Our Guarantee

Despite all that, we’re happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find The What Works Network to be full of smart, helpful, and generous small business owners you can work together with to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, let us know. We’ll gladly refund your membership fee. Just email us at or get in touch with a team member inside the platform!

“I created The What Works Network to be a sane and practical home base for today’s small business owners, freelancers, and founders. If you want to connect with generous, open, and honest people who truly want to see you succeed, this is the place to be.”

Tara McMullin
Founder & CEO

What Our Members Say

Image result for mia scharphie

I had a lot of options of communities to join that support small business owners and I knew in my gut this was the right choice because A) there’s actually racial diversity in this community B) this community is a balance of tactical how-to resources and the kind of mindset support I need C) it’s so clear that you can do the broad business systems design thing here and also own all the areas of deep dive. 

Mia Scharphie, Founder, Creative Agency and Creator, Build Yourself Workshop

I’ve been a member for a year now. Best investment I’ve made and will continue to make for my business and for myself!

Lou Blaser, Career Coach & Founder, Second Breaks

The Network has changed everything for me. I was ready to quit because I just couldn’t find the level of enthusiasm I needed to grow my business. I didn’t need hand-holding. I just needed to “feel the love.”

Celina Lane, Creator, Simply Collectible Crochet

I love being a part of a diverse entrepreneurial business community. I’ve often felt ahead of the curve in other communities but this one brings together entrepreneurs at every stage. This community will always remain a part of my business-building arsenal.

Patrice Perkins, Founder, Creative Genius Law

I've connected with more helpful people in 2 months of membership than I have in 10 years of professional work. Now I don't hesitate to ask the questions and model the experts. 

Gregg Eiler, Learning Strategist

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